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World record for longest staring contest

world record for longest staring contest

In fact, on average, we blink 15 times a minute in an effort to keep dust out of our eyes and to prevent our corneas from drying.
And then, at 35 minutes, Fleming felt like jabong voucher code 2015 he was getting a tattoo on his eyeball.
Playing Christmas music in November.Script, longest Staring Contest Ever/Script.They were trying to distract each other before the date arrives.Anthony noticed and Ian decided to drive while still staring at Anthony.At 30 minutes, the contestants confessed to boredom.Ian decides to use sling rubber band at Anthony.As of this video, this is one of the final appearances of Anthony's "Emo Haircut".

The last two competitors were Fergal "Eyesore" Fleming and Steven "Stare Master" Stagg, but the competitors ranged from toddlers to middle-aged adults.
So what does it feel like to stare for such a long period of time?
Anthony told her that nothing comes between a man and pizza home depot canada online promo code rolls and they left the date.Over contrary belief, fans think that Ian's girlfriend is played.The "rage" sound effect is used again since.Stevie appears again after, so Many Hickeys!I'm sure I'm still no record holder.Out in the neighborhood, Ian continuously runs over Stevie with his car and then drives off, probably to return to his date or to buy more pizza rolls.However, she sneezed on it spraying the pepper to both of their noses.Ian thought he forgot his wallet and backs up his car running over Stevie, but then realizes he never brings his wallets on date so she can pay.But due to the contest, they didn't listen as Stevie felt scared.While out in the neighborhood, Stevie plays with his pet snake as he walks on the road and sees Ian's car wanting to greet them.