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Among the visitors to Disneyland have been all the American Presidents from Eisenhower to Clinton, over a dozen kings and queens, as well as Emperor Akihito of Japan, Anwar Sadat, and Robert Kennedy (who rode the Matterhorn with astronaut John Glenn.) Both Denmarks..
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Please contact Diane Stout-Brown (B.S.W.'80/SW senior director, VCU Alumni, at (804).Oh, and take a tablet if you have one; the interactive app for hitec gets better every year and makes it really easy to locate vendors, but trying to use it on a..
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Sweeping membranes 37 weeks

sweeping membranes 37 weeks

Show more, i'm 37 weeks 5 days pregnant, I went to my regular OB/GYN appointment today for an exam.
The only problem I'm having is swelling in my feet.
However, there are no guarantees.
The Dr has told me that if there's no change in 48 hours he'll admit me and start the Prostin and although that's great, as it means we're getting my little man outta there, I still remember that awful pain and I've associated it with.He said I'm dilated to a reverse de la riva sweep 3 but he did something to speed up the process!My first labour was induced at 402 as my hind waters had broken but I'd not started contracting.Show more, i'm due to go in tomorrow for a membrane sweep to try and get things into motion with my 4th son.Fingers crossed it works!My second labour was completely spontaneous.Is this normal for a membrane sweep?2nd was 374 cervix was medium and one at 38weeks cervix soft and was still 1cm dilated but i found the last two painful and decided not to have anymore.I'm assuming it was a membrane sweep because he moved his fingers in a circular motion.What do you think my chances of going into labour are after a sweep at 37 weeks?Follow 6 answers.

I'm trying to avoid the Prostin like the plague if I can help it, but obviously if things aren't ready just yet, a sweep alone won't work.
They broke my fore waters and within 5 hours my son had been born.
Now I'm cramping and having sharp pains in my lower area, and I've spotted a little.
I had one at 37 weeks with my first and had him the next day, I have a unicornuate uterus so short on space.I had 2 sweeps a week booked from 37weeks.Everything has been good during my pregnancy, no high blood pressure, no protein in urine, the baby is growing fine and perfectly healthy.Try not to worry yourself too much.He asked me if I would like to deliver a little earlier and of course I said yes due to this being my first child I'm very excited.But during the exam which I might add, was very painful!My specialist is on vacation right now and her replacement didn't want to do one for me last week, even though I am dilated so hoping tomorrow for the sweep.My second labour was completely spontaneous at 403.