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Sweep voltage waveform

sweep voltage waveform

A Saw tooth wave increases linearly with time and has a sudden decrease.
The rate of change of sweep voltage with time must be constant.
As usual very linear voltage waveform is generated by charging a capacitor with the help of constant source.
To generate a time base waveform in a CRO or a picture tube, the deflecting voltage increases linearly with time.
Voltage sweep is the easiest way to do this.If this is the first time you do simulation in LTSpice, click this guide.Run the simulation by pressing the Run button in the icon bar.To display the variations of a signal with respect to time on an oscilloscope, a voltage that varies linearly with time, has to be applied to the deflection plates.The high discharge current which also flows through Rp develops a large negative voltage pulse across.The voltage across L depends on the rate of change of current and the magnitude of inductance.Next to the sweep type is the parameter to be swept.

Advertisements, previous Page, next Page, after having red lobster discounts 2015 discussed the fundamentals ncix mail in rebate question of pulse circuits, let us now go through different circuits that generate and deal with.
Run the Simulation, to do this, go to Simulate tab then click Run.
This deviation from linearity is defined as Slope Speed Error or Sweep Speed Error.
On below window, click on the Transient tab.Another way on how to sweep voltage in LTSpice is through the list command.The simulation will result to error when there is no value entered.In the ON state during which the active device is allowed to go into saturation, the transistor conducts heavily allowing the capacitor to discharge through its very low internal resistance which corresponds to resistor R2 shown in the series with the switch.The horizontal velocity of a time base generator must be constant.