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Riot giveaway legit

riot giveaway legit

It looked fishy, so I came here for confirmation.
Figured I would post freebie samples in india here just to let people know.
AXaTan, junior Member, thanks.
Kira Onime Senior Member": Kriterian : Pro Tip: If someone is selling something, and someone else offers it for free on the internet, it's a scam.
And if you are dumb enough to believe that it is true after I told you specifically that it is indeed a scam then happy hunting.TBP has quite a few "free" things.SolarisDisruptor, senior Member, tricking us into clicking those for you?My friend hit 14 and it asked him to complete a survey, after doing so it gave him a non-working code.Smite Like Saint, member, yeah instead of jumping to a conclusion that I am trying to get you to click something for me go ahead and notice that it is a vanilla URL in which nothing would point to me personally.If I post it here someone who has been to the site and wants to know "Hey is this legit or a load of bull?" can check the forums and see that it is indeed bull.Ok thanks i will be sure to not share this i was only wondering, and im not dumb enough to even consider entering my details onto this, will probably result in my account being taken, and i have not done this for referrals i only.Powerbats, senior Member, why would you post a link to a scam site instead of simply sending a support ticket to Riot about it and now your just giving them free advertising to suck in more fools who'll click on that link.Mr McChuggington, junior Member fooled.When I google the site it says they are working with Riot.T comment below rating threshold, click here to show.If something sounds too good to be true, it probably.

There is not a single post about it on Rito's website about this "promotion".
Emperor Veigar, senior Member newbies to the internet Comment below rating threshold, click here to show.
Didn't know which branch of support to kick this to since it is obviously a scam.T/ Pro Tip: If someone is selling something, and someone else offers it for free on the internet, it's a scam.I posted it here because I know what support turnaround time is and by the time they get around to doing anything about it a bunch more people will have been scammed.I just wanted it to be true.Kriterian Senior Member": Smite Like Saint : This site is offering RP cards for referrals.