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Pokemon soul silver best pokemon for bug catching contest

pokemon soul silver best pokemon for bug catching contest

The Bug Catching Contest, one of the staple events from Gold Silver makes a return in HeartGold SoulSilver; The Bug Catching Contest.
Depending on the pokedex you have they will change: First Prize (Varies Sun Stone.
Grass Morning and Day (SS pidgey, grass During Morning and Day.
Snubbull (Female) Lv16 Type: Normal Ability:Intimidate Attacks: Tail Whip (Normal/Other) Charm (Normal/Other) Bite ( Dark /Physical) Lick ( Ghost /Physical) EXP:216 To the right of her in the lower half is: P300 and a number Oddish (Male) Lv12 Type: Grass / Poison how to increase my chances of winning the lottery Ability:Chlorophyll Attacks: Absorb.Shiny Pokémon like Butterfree are a possible catch, as (although rarely) they can be found within.If your pokemon faints then the contest is over.The higher the better for all!If you take the right door you'll go to the National Park which holds Bug Catching Contests Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.Gallery, the Contest in Pokemon Gold and Silver.To do this, trainers are given 20 Park Balls and allowed use of a single Pokémon of their party.The First Prize can vary but the second and third and last prizes are always set.Dex Tuesday Caterpie Weedle Metapod Kakuna Paras Venonat Butterfree Beedrill Scyther Pinsir Min Level Max Level Min Level Max Level Min Level Max Level Min Level Max Level Min Level Max Level Min Level Max Level Min Level Max Level Min Level Max Level Min.Ash won the competition with.

Caterpie lv7-18, weedle Lv7-18, metapod Lv9-18, kakuna Lv9-18.
Head East to exit to the next route.
Caterpie, weedle, metapod, kakuna, paras, venonat, butterfree.
After the competition, he gave the Beedrill to Casey, since she loves Pokémon with yellow and black stripes.Contents show, games, there is no entry fee for the Bug-Catching Contest.Paras Lv10-17, venonat Lv10-16, butterfree Lv12-15, beedrill Lv12-15.The one on the right is: P1024 Raichu (Male) Lv16 Type: Electric Ability:Static Attacks: Thundershock ( Electric /Special) Tail Whip (Normal/Other) Quick Attack ( Normal /Physical) Thunderbolt ( Electric /Special) EXP:416 The one on the left is: P272 and a number Oddish (Female) Lv14 Type.Beedrill, earning himself a Sun Stone.Scoring, the two factors that determine the score in the contest are the rarity of the Pokémon and its level.You take only one pokemon with you to find a good bug pokemon.You get 20 competition balls and 20 minutes.