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New sweeping in curling

new sweeping in curling

But wait, you might ask what if you need to sweep for weight?
"Everyone was in agreement that what was taking place on the ice simply wasn't in the spirit of curling he said.
"Its really become a pissing match between the companies to see who can come out with a sharper broom or one that has more impact."I use the phrase joystick.But wait What if you need to go for weight AND line?Curling Canada has endorsed new rules that effectively outlaw recent innovations new sweeping techniques and broom technology that had radically altered the game.

"We need to draw a line in the sand and at least give the equipment companies an idea of the ballpark theyre playing.
Need it to curl?
Prior to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, a very scientific study taught us a few new things; the most useful of which was this: When sweeping, the push part of your brushstroke is far more effective than your pull.
When sweeping for weight, the traditional combination of speed and pressure (from both sides) will still warm the ice a degree or two, and allow that rock to glide better.
Essentially, stones were curling far beyond expectations.There are events beginning to take place now that ultimately lead to a world championship.".New regulations covering brush-head technology and sweeping technique for play at World Curling Federation events were approved kcp&l energy rebate on Saturday at the WCFs Annual General Assembly in Stockholm, Sweden.Studies were conducted by National Research Council Canada examining the sweeping innovation after it was noted in 2015-16 that directional sweeping was becoming more pronounced with brooms introduced that season.Cameron said there was a broad consensus that returning to more familiar brooms was in the best interest of the game.When the offending heads were banned, the scratching theory persisted, and teams experimented with non-traditional ways to alter a rocks path.Curling Canada/michael burns photo, since the beginning of the season, weve heard non-stop banter about brush heads, stroke angle, one-brush, two-brush, hair brush, blue brush."We will work with the World Curling Federation because there is some urgency here for all.