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Most popular female survivor contestants

most popular female survivor contestants

Richard Hatch Without Richard, there is no cobb bbq discount code game of Survivor today.
Natalie Tenerelli (Redemption Island) 51 votes last year: 5th (-2) A consistent performer Natalie narrowly misses out on replicating her finals performance from last year.
She also had a slightly strategic mind as she made a push to get Roger voted out pre-jury knowing that he would never vote for a female to win, and also gave up her immunity necklace at final six so that her best ally had.Coach also has one of the best moves in Survivor history when he convinces Cochran to flip, changing the course of Survivor South Pacific and allowing his tribe to Pagong the other tribe.She also has to be credited for keeping herself in the game at the swap.Earl Cole Earls police discounts nz win was incredibly commanding.Unfortunately, JT flipped and she was sent home when Tom played his idol. .His social game and final tribal council performance arent amazing, but hes still a very good strategic winner of this game.It was her idea to blindside James with two idols in his pocket and she was an equal part of the decision making to Todd for the majority of the game.

That is exactly what happened to Aubry Bracco and she is unfortunately perhaps the only player who made it to the finals and truly deserved to win her season but somehow lost.
Jenna Morasca Jenna was able to win four immunity challenges to keep herself in the game.
Survivor Africa, Lex was one of the main architects of all of the vote offs, won challenges and then was voted out at final three due to Ethan being more likable.
Spencer understands Game Theory better than most Survivor contestants and it allows him to understand exactly what moves he needs to make to advance himself in the game. .
So here are a few things I took into consideration.Christy thought she was in the best position at the final six of Survivor Amazon, but Rob quickly demolished her hopes.Russell made those moves happen by knowing how to play the hidden immunity idol and how to create paranoia in other peoples minds to the point where they wanted to work with him.His social game is amazing as he is able to connect with every single player in the game on a personal level, and make people like Anthony who was completely disregarded by many others in the game, feel a part of something in the game.In the Erik blinside, Cirie was the one who came up with the idea for Natalie to try and convince him to give her the necklace, she was the one who made the best effort and best arguments for Erik to give up his necklace and then.Everything Natalie did in the game was calculated and well-thought out out to a tee.When he returned for Blood.Both expected that, not being a viable tribe, they would be absorbed by the other tribe.Finding two immunity idols, she used the first to blindside the man who thought he has controlling the game and the second to save herself.