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How to win tough contest pokemon

how to win tough contest pokemon

Follow Up Explosion Beautiful 8 0 Cannot participate in any of the remaining turns.
I Comet Punch Normal Physical III 2 0 Works well if it's the same type as the one before.
For example, if you perform Yawn, then use Wake-Up Slap in the next round, it's a combo.Attack Category Appeal Jam Description First Turn Will-O-Wisp Beautiful 3 0 Interrupts any combos that were begun that turn, preventing data visualization contest 2017 them from being completed on the next turn.Follow Up Absorb Smart 2 3 Startles the Pokémon that appealed before the user.VI Spiky Shield Grass Status VI 1 0 Prevents the user from being startled until the turn ends.For the purpose of Contest Spectaculars, your pokémon has a set of five qualities: Coolness, Cuteness, Toughness, Cleverness, and Cuteness.

Attack Category Appeal Jam Description First Turn Yawn Cute 2 0 Can make remaining Pokémon nervous and unable to use moves.
I Tackle Normal Physical III 4 0 A highly appealing move.
Attack Category Appeal Jam Description First Turn Dragon Dance Cool 1 0 Ups the user's condition.
The first time you participate in a contest, you get the special Cosplay Pikachu that can wear costumes and learn moves that other Pikachu can't learn.
VI Thousand Waves Ground want to give away my cat Physical VI 3 0 Brings down the energy of any Pokémon that have already used a move this turn.Attack Category Appeal Jam Description First Turn DragonBreath Cool 1 3 Badly startles those that have made appeals.VI 1 4 Badly startles the last Pokémon to act before the user.Attack Category Appeal Jam Description First Turn Wish Cute 3 0 Excites the audience even more than usual if it is used last in a turn and matches the contest condition.BubbleBeam Beauty 1 3 Badly startles those who have made appeals.Water Spout Beauty 1 0 The appeal works better the later it is performed.