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Football jet sweep offense

football jet sweep offense

We run traditional Power Read as well, but the Jet version breaks our running back alignment tendency for the defense.
Playing assignment football as a way of windows free backup tools planning to stop a play should draw way more eye-rolls than it does, because if the offense knows what its doing, its just going to use those assignments against the defense.
(all gifs courtesy of, coach Alex Kirbys twitter ).
They were quite good, but the same coach in 2002 was running a different offense, so it may be talent dependent, like many offenses out there.A simple hand signal will tell the widest player whos NOT already on the line of scrimmage to move up onto the line of scrimmage.Our Jet Sweep concept is actually a passing play for the receivers and a running play for the running back.A reverse is designed to get an entire defense flowing one way via a hand-off or a pitch, then have that ball carrier give the ball to a teammate that is running in the opposite direction.

After running the jet to the SE side mostly, you will catch the defense off guard running it to the TE side.
Shotgun- Jet Sweep, running jet sweep out of the shotgun will allow you to utilize a mobile.
The QB can run a counter, trap, or ISO/Power off of the jet sweep action as well.There are a couple of different ways you can execute this play in the spread.You can have the jet motion back run out for a pass, lead, or kick out block.A good starting point is having the QB/center snap the ball when the motion player is between the tackle and guard.Drew Brees reverse pivots before faking to his running back.This same hand signal, will tell the single receiver on the opposite side of the formation to move OFF of the line of scrimmage, allowing him to motion.Personally, Ive always been a big fan of the play, and lamented how limited its use has been for LSU.This is a great play if you do not have a decent offensive line or if you are undersized.Now where Canada takes the play into different directions are by his use of different shifts and motions, including some unbalanced sets with the tackles shifted over to the strength of the formation: The motion, and how the defense reacts to it, gives the quarterback.He's responsible for back side contain.