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Can you contest a will in bc

can you contest a will in bc

Make a Will Online Now, contesting a Will in Kansas, references.
This is good, but the person challenging the will may still bring up reasonable suspicions to discredit that rebuttable presumption.
Challenging a Will because something in the Will is not legal.
One of the executor's duties is to try to uphold the validity of a Will.
Unfortunately, she didnt realize that a Will needs a residual clause to cover everything in the estate that has not explicitly been listed.Writing your Will through a service like does not automatically mean that your Will is more likely to face a challenge.A common situation is where a common-law spouse has contributed to the purchase of a property that was registered in the deceased's name california psychics promotion code alone or have worked in the deceased's business for little or no compensation.Interpreting wills, if the language contained in a Will is too vague or uncertain, the Executor may have to apply to Court to have the Will interpreted.

If a person is aware that they are the designated beneficiary of the deceaseds life insurance policy, however a Will that was made subsequent to the policy indicates a different recipient of the policys benefits, the designated beneficiary has a ground to dispute the Will.
It may also be necessary to interpret certain clauses in the Will that give the Executor authority to do certain tasks - if the wording is uncertain the Executor will apply to have the Court clarify the boundaries within which he can administer the estate.
If there is no Will in place, the deceased is said to have died intestate and the estate is divided according to the provisions of the.
A lawyer can be your best defense against challenges that arise around testamentary capacity later.
Those riddled with disease often keep a sound mind.If the primary beneficiary under the new Will is the person holding a power of attorney for the testator, the care-giver for the testator, or a stranger this raises a suspicion that the testator may have been unduly influenced.If you have moved.C. Testamentary Capacity, the Wills Act sets some technical guidelines that the court must follow when ruling on will disputes, but the courts have also established some additional requirements that are applied to the testator.For example, if a daughter asks her mother to include her in the will, that is not coercion.Make sure that you prepare your Will at an age where your capacity cannot be questioned, do not wait until you think you are about to die before you prepare your Will.