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Aegislash sweep oras

aegislash sweep oras

Gaining another immunity on top of its one to Psychic gives Hydreigon more free switch in options and it comes without the weakness to rock moves other pseudo legends have.
The top placers will receive prizes, including a PS custom avatar for the overall winner!
The users at the top of the Classic and Official leaderboards after seven days will be nominated for room voice!
It's highly recommended you check it out, as this room will help you find global staff members much more easily for issues pertaining to the server community.
Hope to see you there!Fire Blast- Incredible splashable but not as needed with the steel nerf.Most north face online coupons notably one terrorised the Village of Dragons and Cameron used one in his Unova League match against Ash.Sir Donovan Permalink The first week of pspl II has officially begun!

We also have a new way to switch between chatrooms: Just press Left or Right while the textbox is empty.
Raseri Permalink Pop quiz: who's the best Pokemon player of all time?
Interested in the event or looking to get into speedrunning?
For example, Thick Club's effect is replaced with Kyogre-Primal's ability Primordial Sea and Manaphy can combine it with its Hydration ability to cure its status.
Hugendugen Permalink The voting period for the 2016 Smogon Awards has begun!Ante Permalink There will be an OU team rating workshop in the Rate My Team room on Saturday 5 August at 8 pm GMT-4.Come vote for the ladder you want next month.Make sure to check out the Battle Spot room for tournaments and discussion on the format.In this meta the move in your first moveslot matches the Hidden Power value of your Pokemon's IVs.Who do you think will win; Doubles or Competitive Tutoring?